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They did a good job but it took months and months to complete.Began with busted water pipes back in February that damaged the whole garage.

They fixed the pipes promptly but then the rest of the repairs did not complete until the later part of April. On the day of completion one of the guys ran his truck into the back wall of the condo and created another major issue. They agreed to handle the repairs of course but have continued to put me off and not met dates they said they would be there. It has been 3-1/2 weeks and now they are not even answering my calls and texts.

They do great work but just be sure you don't need it done quickly.My patience just ran out.

This reviewer shared experience about "untimely and poor communication" and wants this business to "i have hired someone else to repair the job and my insurance can deal with up for their refund" as the author lost $5000. jeanettemshaw is overall dissatisfied with United Professional Services. The most disappointing about water pipe repair at United Professional Services was being put off repeatedly, lack of communication and that my job was not completed , but reviewer liked do an awesome job. Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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Shall we go into the "repairs" that were supposedly done that I found out were not done even though United was paid for doing?The AC unit was not just a $50 cover, the coils were messed up.

The AC was hit so hard it was knocked off it's concrete pedestal and into the wooden fence and busted the fence. Honesty would be nice. And I asked about your insurance appraisal multiple times and never received an answer. AND he WAS an employee of yours ...

in the police report you told the officer you fired him immediately after the accident. How can you fire someone who is not your employee. Back peddling and lies won't change the truth of the matter.

I just want it finished and I want my new contractors paid in a timely fashion by United.Enough said.

to Anonymous #1010575

Untied Professional Services is not licensed.

to Anonymous #1012490

This was taken care of insurance from the former employee, after investigators found that employee left his job went got his own truck to pick up his tools they found his insurance was to pay for damages because at the time of the accident the employee was terminated, but All cost were paid to home owner she was out not one dime , we worked with both insurance companies and police department to get this taken care of

to Anonymous #1012633

Not true.I filed with my insurance company (you did not) and I hired new contractors to finish the repair job from the truck crashing into my garage.

They also fixed what was left undone from the February busted pipe job that UP was paid for and did not do. All my new contractors have been paid by MY insurance company and the job is complete but not by United. And MY insurance company is now working to collect their funds back from United. Once they collect that then I will get my $1,000 deductible back.

So right now I am out an extra $1,000. And MY insurance company has not been able to contact the person who caused the incident. So no, I don't believe you have worked with any insurance company yet. I hold that you will but it is out of my concern now - it is in the hands of MY insurance company and their collection agency.

Good luck.And in the police report you said you fired him immediately...lying now or then?


Hello ,

I am one of the owners of United , there is some truth to this review and some opinions Mrs Shaw project did take longer than the quote but what she fails to do is provide the information is there were 4 change orders along with 2 weeks of our city being snowed in also the damages that were to her property was done by a personal vehicle not owned by this company , we agreed to make repairs but this customer wanted 1900.00 A/C system replaced for a dented cover 50.00 we were told she was getting someone else to repair so we did as requested our insurance refused to cover it . We are opened for solutions Thank you

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