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I met with the owner three times before putting down a large deposit. I was promised by the owner of United Professional Services, that they "stay on a job until it is complete." I was promised "new electrical in my kitchen." (They didn't even put back the old wiring) I was promised "crown molding for free in the front room." He were very good at contacting my insurance company. The job entailed leveling floors due to water damage. A small kitchen was gutted, flooring had to be replaced in the kitchen, and dry wall, the floor of the room next to it and a small area of floor in another area. It only took one day to pull the place apart. Two and a half months and thousands of dollars later, I have zero electrical for all major kitchen appliances; no plumbing for the fridge. They did not reattach air ducts for the air conditioning, and that's only part of the work that was not completed. My basement has wiring laying on the floor going nowhere. Management was not answering their phones, texts, or emails. I could not even get a completion date.

At the beginning of April a house key was left out daily giving them full access. All major materials were purchased by the home owner in a timely manner, but while they received thousands of dollars to do this work they rarely showed up on site and the materials, such as trim, and doors lay around for weeks. They damaged a new door frame after installing it prematurely, uninstalling it and reinstalling it several times because they had forgotten to do something. They showed up ONCE in the space of four weeks! On the heels of every "no show" as time went on, with the little work that was completed, we would call, email, text and got no response, or got a response or a lie telling us they would come the next day - they repeatedly "no showed." and eventually we lost faith. I heard the words "trust me" over the phone, but no action was forthcoming on their part. We became frantic! Doors and trim were left lying across floors and against walls for weeks, compromising those materials. My new kitchen cabinets sit on the floor because the uppers cannot be installed until the wiring is showing through.

It comes down to the management of United Professional Service Inc. When crew did show up, they had no tools to do the job and often stood in the driveway waiting on tool delivery for several hours, and then not receiving any, were sent off to work on another job. They did not even have nails! Some crew were "in training," and did not know what to do, waiting for instruction. Management fired the first foreman within two days of starting. The second foreman was fired after a week. Some of the crew complained that they had not received their paychecks. They used toilet paper from my bathroom for clean up because they had no rags. The owner did not appear to understand the process, and I had to learn very quickly. The owner, wanted to install the drywall AFTER the laying the final flooring. When he did show up he was shaking his head with his ear stuck to his phone listening to another frustrated customer in the same situation - no progress of their job either!. In confronting the owner of the issues at hand he always blamed his workers.

As part of trying to figure out the authenticity of United Professional Service, (too late) I Googled them and found several negative reviews outside of the Thumbtack website which explained a lot. Other people's reviews explained my own experience. It appears I am not the only one! Surprise! In mid- June I received an email from the owner asking for final payment. I declined, as the job was not finished. I advised him that their services were no longer required because I knew they would not show up, since I had not heard from them in several weeks. I was then threatened with a lien against my property. Since the amount was only $440 I had to weigh that against what it would cost me in time and stress to remove a lien, and decided to pay it. At this point, with a backup of negative reviews and more broken promises, why would I risk a sloppy job? I received phone calls from several of the crew complaining they had not been paid and volunteering information including telling me that I had been treated very badly. There is no doubt that they are in financial trouble, and no wonder! I have an inoperable kitchen. The job started in early April and it is now June 23rd. I am surrounded by cabinets that cannot be installed because the installers cannot do their job because there is no wiring. I have to find someone else finish the electrical (and plumbing). No electrician wants to take it on, because it requires following the footprint of what another electrician started, but did not finish.

I have discussed the situation with other contractors. I was told this is typical and they will continue to lie, and try to make it the fault of the homeowners. It has been confirmed by UPS employees that I was lied to by their management. They will continue to lie to cover their own inadequacies and false promises. There are always loopholes and United Professional Services will take advantage of every one. To protect yourself and your property, get a lawyer first, and make sure you get everything in writing. Make sure that when going through any web based agency, such as Thumbtack that they have screened their companies fully before taking them on.

It was my intention to give this company a generous financial bonus at the end of the job. I could not even reach them to tell them that. I work in a large company and know lots of people locally. You would think that they would want to take advantage of that and get good recommendations. Management was unresponsive. The job was never completed.

This reviewer shared experience about not as described and wants this business to have the product delivered as the author lost $6000. Kingsport.TN2015 is overall dissatisfied with United Professional Services. The most disappointing about electrical services at United Professional Services was being put off repeatedly, that my job was not completed and lack of communication , but reviewer liked very personable owner. Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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I am one of the owners of United Professional Services, Inc. this particular person still owes United $20,000.00 plus that was paid to State Farm insurance she paid us 6000.00 we offered her a chance to complete project by placing funds in an escrow account so we were sure to get paid when project is complete or at stages of project that requires a draw . Thank you

to Anonymous #1002797

I call ***!After Greg Cross purchased the company from Ian Cross, the company has been ripping people off.

He has had his tires slashed from employees because they don't get paid as well.DO NOT USE THEM!!!

to Anonymous #1023974

Hello Ernie former employee that was fired for theft , and sign in as anonymous can't put your real name on here.

to Anonymous #1010567

The homeowners have a contract for repairing the floors, and leveling them.Photos were taken and your work has been reviewed!

There was no talk of an escrow account since the job was paid in full, even though it was never completed and is not up to code.

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